Hakko  Co., Ltd.

Hakko Co.,Ltd. Medical Device DivisionHakko Co.,Ltd. Medical Device Division

For over 67 years, Hakko  has been at the forefront of single-use medical device manufacture.
The mission of Hakko is to contribute to the development of medical devices that promotes the health of people around the world.
By further enhancing our technology as a pioneer of single-use medical devices, we continue to respond appropriately to a variety of needs and provide reliable equipment to the medical community.
This dedicated focus on the development of creative and original products positively addresses both the needs of the patient and the physician ultimately improving the patient's quality of life.
In our ISO13485 licensed facility in Chikuma-city, Nagano-prefecture, Japan (which includes a Class 10,000 cleanroom) our highly skilled workforce manufactures a wide range of single-use devices.
Our services also include sterilization, validation, design and development, process optimization, tooling design and manufacture, and material selection.
Hakko has a range of products that are supplied for anesthesia surgery, endoscopic surgery, and minimally invasive surgery.

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